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Colombia Black Honey Organic
Colombia Black Honey Organic

Colombia Black Honey Organic

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Black Honey Process:
Cherries are harvested above 24 brix level.
Selective harvest hand-picking.
Cherries are soaked in water for 1 hour.
Floaters and imperfect cherries are discard.
Initial Cherry fermentation for 36 hours. (Aerobic)
Coffee is depulped leaving 55% of mucilage.
Second fermentation of parchment for 42 hours.(Anaerobic)
Sun drying on African beds for 18-20 days.
Coffee parchment is constantly moved.
Coffee dried to 10.5 %.
Final humidity stabilization for 5 days .
Then Coffee parchment is stored on GP bags for 10 days.
Finally lots are cupped and samples selected for offers.